FMC Dockyard Limited

Fuel Oil Storage Tank | FMC Dockyard Ltd.

Curies Vessel M V Mahirah| Built by FMC Dockyard Ltd. | Client : Eastwood Ltd.

Power Plant Fabrication & Erection | FMC Dockyard Ltd.

Oil Tanker- M.T Wave -1 | FMC Dockyard Ltd.|Client : M/S RAKA ENTERPRISE

Oil Tanker-M.T OME| Built by: FMC Dockyard Ltd.

FV SORNALI OPE | FMC Dockyard Ltd.

Oil Tanker-M.T CASCADE-1 | Built by: FMC Dockyard Ltd.|Client : N J ENVIORNTECT

Oil Tanker-M.T ARJU | FMC Dockyard Ltd.|Client : M/S A T Corporation

Dredger FMC Matreeka | Built by:FMC Dockyard Ltd. | Client : FMC Group( BD) Ltd.

FV CML LABIBA | FMC Dockyard Ltd.

FMC Dockyard Ltd. is the premier shipyard, located in West Gomdandii, Boalkhali,Chittagong, Bangladesh, offering complete ship building, repair and refit service for ship owners.Today the company is highly concentrating on its Shipbuilding activity.with an aim to provide total solution for customized products in an indentified industry. Shipbuilding, ship repairing, dry docking, offshore engineering and heavy engineering are the core activities of the concern. The unwavering trust of customers and skilled team support explores the strength of the company.

FMC Dockyard LTD. was formed in the year 2007 to uphold the tradition of shipbuilding in Bangladesh.Our determination was to step ahead with continuous improvement through efficiency, hard work and uncompromisable quality.

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Shipbuilding plays a vital role in the economic development of Bangladesh since the very beginning of the industry. Our FMC Dockyard Ltd. started its journey with the dream to uplift the tradition and create a benchmark in the entire globe for the.

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In the year 2007, we began our ship building work even before completion of our dockyard project work. Since then we received a huge response from our customers. The unwavering trust of our customers helped us to step ahead. In 2011, we successfully inaugurated Dockyard with our own slipways.

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The unwavering trust of customers and skilled team support explores the strength of the company.The modernized technology and maintaining international standard quality.FMC Dockyard Limited is stepping ahead with her vision for Profitable growth through superior customer service,

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