FMC Dockyard Limited.

Our Service Included:

Ship Building:
FMC Dockyard has received orders from renowned clients. The company builds vessels complying with International standards of quality and safety. Modern machineries and equipment are available for facilitating in production of all type of vessels. Machineries are continuously checked for replacement to enhance the production facilities.

We specialize in building of

  • Fishing Trawler

  • Dredger (Cutter Suction)

  • Cruise vessel / Passenger boat

  • Cargo vessel

  • Container vessel

  • Tug Boat

  • Barge

Ship Building Capacity:
FMC Dockyard Ltd (Unit-1) has ship building capaciy up to 6,000 DWT vessels.

Steel Fabrication Capacity:

We have our own shipyards (Unit-1) for shipbuilding with yearly total fabrication capacity of about 20,000 tons.

Our Strength:

We have a highly skilled and efficient workforce with a well equipped workshop to cater to all the needs of any type of vessel and provide the best assistance in Bangladesh.

  • Safety specialized group

  • Welders specialized group

  • Boilermakers specialized group

  • Our work force includes:

  • Fitters and Turners specialized group

  • Riggers specialized group

  • Design specialized group

  • Electronics/Electrical specialized group

  • Hull construction specialized group

  • Outer fitting specialized group

  • Machinery Installation specialized group

  • Docking specialized group

  • Blasting & Painting specialized group

Ship Repairs:
FMC Dockyard provides all types of ship repair works for vessels. The technical team consists of staffs & Engineers with vast numbers of experience in the shipping Industry since 1997.

Dry Docking:
FMC Dockyard provides dry docking facilities for all types of vessels up to 8,000 DWT vessels.

Offshore Engineering:

FMC Dockyard has taken a step towards offshore engineering. We specialize in building structures such as fixed and floating platforms for the oil and gas industry. We also design & build dredger & dredging equipments for land reclamation.

Heavy Engineering:
FMC Dockyard is involved in heavy engineering works. We concentrate on petrochemical installations such as-

  • Fuel & LPG storage systems

  • Cement silos

  • Piping systems (Oil, LPG, Fire Fighting and Offshore facilities)

  • Supplying ancillary services for the installation of storage systems and pipe systems (this includes
    repair work as well)

  • Main engine (modification and repair work)

  • Fabrication and installation of heavy steel structures (installation of portainers, transtainers, gantry cranes and fabrication of th eir structural parts)

  • Installation of heavy structures related to irrigation and other industries

  • Mass fabrication of pipes (including cement mortar and rubber coated pipes)

  • Fabrication and installation of steel bridges and other specialized services such as (underground piping systems for water, sewerage etc)

  • Consultancy services for Project management

  • Blasting and painting of structures